Melissa and Doug

Melissa and Doug ABC/ 123 Abacus

This timeless toy, featuring 36 colorful double-sided tiles, is an early-learning essential!

The wooden frame includes all the letters of the alphabet as well as the numbers 1 through 10 on one side and whimsical illustrations including an apple, fish, key, moon, grapes, tie, and house on the other.

The spinning tiles encourage children to play, explore, and learn. A tremendous value that will last for years!


  • bacus features 36 double-sided letter and number tiles
  • Illustrations and words include duck, octopus, tie, whale, and nest
  • Sturdy wooden construction will last through years of play
  • Attached tiles won't come loose or get lost
  • Helps teach letter, number, color, and pattern recognition; encourages fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination


Discover Countless Ways To Play
  • Turn the tiles to the object sides and ask the child to identify each. Then ask the child to name the letter that begins each word. Now turn the tiles to the letter sides and ask the child to name each object on the other side.

  • Turn the tiles to the letter sides and ask the child to count how many tiles of each color there are.

  • Turn the tiles to the letter sides and flip one (or more) to the object sides. Ask the child to say the first letter of the objects.

  • Turn the tiles to create a pattern, then ask the child to repeat it (for example: sideways, sideways, upright). As play progresses, create a pattern that is more complex or that extends over two rows.

  • Have a tile-spinning race! Ask the child to choose a single tile, and choose one in the same row. Count to 3, and see which tile spins longer!

  • Ask the child to study a row of 6 objects, then close his or her eyes and say the objects in order as quickly as possible. Now ask the child to study the objects again, flip one tile to the letter side, and ask him or her to guess the object!

  • Challenge the child to spell a word by turning all the other tiles to the object sides except the letters in the word (for example B-O-Y).

  • Encourage the child to make up a story that includes all the objects on the tiles.

Approx. Product Dimensions: 33 x 25 x 11.4cm
Age Guide: 2 years +
Brand: Melissa and Doug