Melissa and Doug

Melissa and Doug Grill & Serve BBQ Set

Fire up the imagination while firing up this pretend play BBQ with all the "fixins" for a fantastic feast!

The 20-piece wooden food set includes grilling favorites like hotdog, hamburger, chicken, steak, ribs, veggie burger, and corn, plus tasty toppings and sturdy utensils. Flip the sturdy corrugated box over and it becomes the "grill," with pictures of knobs for adjusting the temperature and four self-stick tabs to hold the food.

Double-sided food pieces show one side uncooked--flip the pieces with the tongs or spatula, and the other side appears cooked! Use the buns to make a sandwich with fresh toppings.

Self-stick tabs hold some of the items together, and then make a satisfying crunch when cut apart with the kid-friendly knife. Serve it all up on the included paper checkered placemat.

After mealtime, use the grill/corrugated box as a handy storage place for all the items!

The Wooden Grill & Serve BBQ Set promotes hand-eye coordination, creative expression, and imaginative play.


  • 20-piece set with wooden food items to grill and prepare using pretend BBQ printed on back of sturdy corrugated storage box
  • Double-sided pieces show one side uncooked and the other cooked
  • Easy-to-grasp spatula and tongs are safe and kid-friendly; self-stick tabs keep food on the grill and make satisfying crunch
  • Promotes hand-eye coordination, creative expression, and imaginative play
  • Includes wooden meats, vegetarian options, utensils, "fixins," and a paper checkered serving mat
    Discover Countless Ways To Play
    • SORT & COUNT Have kids identify each food item and categorize it by basic food group: meat, grain, or fruits and vegetables. Ask whether any of the foods fit more than one group (veggie burger, corn). Have kids line up all the food pieces in a row. Count the number of pieces together, and repeat until kids are able to count them independently.

    • GET A ROUND Challenge kids to build a sandwich using only round ingredients (not including corn). Ask them how many layers they can make it (five: two halves of the bun, hamburger, veggie burger, tomato).

    • FAVORITE FOODS Ask kids which of these foods are their favorites, and why. Ask them if they know which is your favorite!

    • MEMORY MASTER Place all of the ingredients in front of kids and ask them to study them. As kids close their eyes, hide one or more of the pieces underneath the grill surface (inside the box). Ask them to look at the remaining pieces and figure out what is missing.

    • ORDER UP Have kids make a special order with toppings in a specific order. For example: "I'd like a bun with steak, tomato, and lettuce, please." Make your request aloud for younger kids; for older kids, write it on a slip of paper so the "chef" can read your order!

    Approx. Product Dimensions: 25 x 33 x 5cm
    Age Guide: 3 years +
    Brand: Melissa and Doug