Melissa and Doug

Melissa and Doug Jumbo Neutral ABC / 123 Rug

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Kids will have jumbo amounts of fun exploring and learning the alphabet, numbers, colors, and shapes on the Jumbo ABC-123 Rug!

There's more than 30 square feet of play space on the durable and soft rug to play matching games with the set of 36 double-sided game cards.

There are whimsical pictures with each letter of the alphabet and numbers one through nine, and the border includes 12 shapes and shape names.

Made from durable material that is incredibly soft to the touch for extra comfortable play, this multi-activity rug features a skid-proof backing and reinforced border binding.

The rug measures approximately 147 x 200cm.


  • Oversized activity rug with illustrated alphabet, numbers 1-9, shapes, and colors
  • Includes 36 double-sided game cards
  • Lots of room for multiple kids to play matching games
  • Soft, durable material, skid-proof backing, and reinforced border binding
Discover Countless Ways To Play
  • ALPHABET RACE: Shuffle the letter cards so they are not in alphabetical order. Set a timer and match the cards to the letters on the rug as quickly as possible. Then try to break that record!

  • SPELL THE NUMBER: Choose one of the number cards. Find the letters on the rug that spell out the number on the card! For instance, if you choose the 5 card, find the letters F, I, V, and E.

  • TREASURE HUNT: Pick a card and search your room for either objects that begin with the letter or numbers that match the numeral!

Approx. Product Dimensions: Mat is 147 x 200 cm
Age Guide: 3 years +